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The Swirl AJAX Chatroom module is featured in "DotNetNuke for Dummies" by Lorraine Young, Chris Paterra, and Scott Willhite

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Module Licensing


Once you purchase a license, you can use the Swirl AJAX Chatroom module on any of your DotNetNuke Installations.  Just follow the paypal purchase for 39.95, and you will automatically be added as a portal subscriber.  When you have finished payment, come back to this site and you will find the "License" page with your license information!  That's it, it's that easy!

  • *New Avatar Support
  • Private Messages
  • No Flash required
  • Major Browser Compatibility
  • Room Specific Security
  • Ban Users by IP or UserID
  • Popout ChatRoom
  • Includes 4 Pre-Built Themes
  • Users Choose Nickname
  • Advanced Performance Options
  • Fully Localized
  • Built on AjaxPro
  • Written for DNN 4.x/5.x
  • Featuring the EXT JS Library
  • Plus Many Other Features
We've been listening, and we're proud to announce the release of version 2.1 of the SwirlChat Module for DotNetNuke.  This time we've not only updated the popout chat functions, but also added user avatar support to the SwirlChat module.  Now your users can specify their favorite avatar to help set themselves apart during the chat conversations.  Plus we've fixed several bugs that you have reported.  Come see a demo of the new version at: http://www.swirlhost.com/chatroom.

So, what's new in this version, you ask? Well, for starters, we've rebuilt the chatroom from the ground up. The new version is completely database driven to help relieve memory constraints in environments where memory is limited. The chatroom has several performance options which can be configured to make it run as smoothly as possible in your environment. The new version not only comes with all the same great features you remember from version 1.0, but many, many new features we're sure you're going to love!

Tab-Based Private Messaging allows you and other visitors to carry on private chat conversations in the easy to use tab based interface. You can quickly flip from one private conversation to another while still carrying on conversations in the main room. And, since it uses the latest AjaxPro technology, there is no long wait time. Multiple Rooms can be defined across the entire portal, allowing you and your visitors to easily change from one room to another without having to switch pages. Plus, each room can be customized with its own role-based security and permissions. Popout Chat allows your visitors to "pop-out" the chatroom in a separate, dedicated chat window so you can keep browsing the website without missing any of the conversation in the chat. Customizable User Settings are saved for each user. This allows users to set their preferences, and the preferences are remembered for each user for each room when they rejoin later!

Oh, and did we mention, it comes with a newly redesigned interface? The new interface takes advantage of the ExtJS library to produce stunning visual effects. This new design includes four amazing themes with soft borders, rounded edges, and eye-catching effects. The entire interface is completely localized using the DotNetNuke localization technology you are already familiar with. You can customize the chatroom for any language you want (including double-byte). Want to see more? Come take a test drive at: http://www.swirlhost.com/chatroom

And, we're not done yet... Even though this release is ready, we've already begun working on new features for the next minor revision! We're still listening, and were still developing enhancements for the SwirlChat Module.  This is a free upgrade if you've already purchased version 2.0 of the chatroom.  Just login and download, or look for the patch/update on Snowcovered (if you bought through Snowcovered).  Plus, we are now offerring the Source Code for purchase through our website.  If you are interested in the Source Code look for the product on the "Purchase" page on our site.  The Source Code is ONLY offerred directly through Swirlhost.



Great product, a world of features have been added since 1.9! Easy to manage and very user friendly. It is refreshing to see that someone actually understands that software is about the user experience and not just making it work!
-- Steven S (from Snowcovered)

"I have been looking for a good chat module for DNN for quite some time. I finally purchased the chat module from Swirlhost and upon installation, had a considerable amount of problems with the module functioning properly. After sending a request to their tech support, which responded immediately, it was determined that the issue was in the server configuration of my host provider, Will Gillen not only spent three days helping me diagnose the problem but went as far as to customize the module code so it would be compatible with my existing host. That is what I call service. I am looking forward to the upcoming feature sets and would recommend Swirlhost as a A1 module developer."
--Robb "Buck" Anderson
--JustNorth Outdoors

"Great module and fantastic support.  It does just what it should, and if you need more, they will gladly work with you to meet your needs...however, I hear the next version is supposed to be even better, so check back.  These guys do first rate work!"
-- Rob Frierson (from Snowcovered)

"Great module! I haven't used it since previous versions, but the module, support, and frequency of feature updates was absolutely beautiful."
-- Lance May (from Snowcovered)

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